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IPSirius has established a broad patent estate covering the use of pluripotent stem cells, their derivatives and components as the basis for polyvalent universal cancer vaccines.
Our research has identified a broad number of immunogenic antigens, which are found on both cancer stem cells and pluripotent stem cells. This overlap in antigen expression is the basis for our innovative therapy.

As pluripotent stem cells can be propagated almost indefinitely in culture, they can be used to produce large quantities under current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) conditions and suitable for clinical use. Furthermore, the initial stem cell populations can be genetically modified to enhance functional properties for a specific therapeutic use. This is the basis of the proprietary procedure of IPSirus to engineer in vitro pluripotent stem cell-based embryonic and progenitor-oriented antigen-expressing cancer vaccines.

While developing our first product, IPVAC 1.0, which will target a broad range of cancer types, our research continues to give rise to a pipeline of products which will target cancers originating from specific tissues.